HbbTV 1.5 on J-Series

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HbbTV 1.5 on J-Series

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I recently bought a JU6050, after Samsung told me it would be totally compatible with the new terrestrial television standard we have in Germany. Unfortunately it seems as if it only supports HbbTV 1.0 and not HbbTV 1.5 (from 2012) which is why I can not use FreenetTV connect (similar to FreeView).

According to this page: www.samsung.com/at/support/model/UE48JU6070UXZG the JU6070 supports HbbTV in France ("HbbTV 1.5 (FR)"). So I have tried to set LocalSet to France and BOM to 6070 in the extended service menu. Unfortunately it did not help.

Does someone know if any of the J-Series TVs support HbbTV 1.5 and if there is some way to activate it? Maybe I was missing a setting (SW Model or something).

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Re: HbbTV 1.5 on J-Series

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you still under warranty, call samsung to fix that.

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