PS50C670G3S oscam - patching?

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PS50C670G3S oscam - patching?

Post by bulaklak »

PLASMA PS50C670G3S (DVB-s yes). is it possible to upload the oscam program?
from what I have read here it is not, but maybe it still exists today

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Re: PS50C670G3S oscam - patching?

Post by beatfreak »

a version of oscam that is able to run on T-VALDEUC Firmware is available, however an dvb-api is not so you would be able to run oscam only as a server, but it can't be used to decrypt channels for the TV.
EDIT: AFAIK there is no more devs working on creating that API for C-Series TVs
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Re: PS50C670G3S oscam - patching?

Post by sectroyer »

beatfreak wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:25 am
AFAIK there is no more devs working on that API for C-Series TVs
Because there are no "apis" to work on :)
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