Firmware update, I'm confused

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Firmware update, I'm confused

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I have C650 with FW 3005.1 and PVR enabled already.
To get Maxdome working, I need to upgrade to FW 3006.2 at least. On Maxdome web page, it is mentioned that it only works with FW 3006.2 or newer. I also want to root the TV to install SamyGO Extensions.

By reading trough various forum threads I get confused.
What is the safest way to achive a FW update ?

Option 1:
Apply widget hack (on FW 3005) and update later to a newer FW.
Will I also need to apply the hotel mode USB hack after update ?

Option 2:
Update FW first and then apply hotel mode USB hack to root the device ?
Due to the fact that currently no working USB image is availabe for download, I will need to create the necessary files on my own, which increases the risk to do something wrong.

I also read that PVR can't be activated on FWs newer than 3009 (viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1112& start=170#p16922).
Has this been confirmed / is this statement still valid ?
To which FW should I update to, I guess 3015 is not recommended but what about 3011 for example ?


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Re: Firmware update, I'm confused

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you should move to hospitality hack before to upgrade your firmware.
This is easiest and safest way to keep TV rooted. ... ady_hacked

The image you`re talkink about is available as torrent.

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