Antenna and Plug&play menu greyed out :(

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Antenna and Plug&play menu greyed out :(

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Hi guys,

I have a UE46 C6530 TV.

The other day i entered the service menu to find "infolink country" setting so i could change the country of my Internet@tv. It didnt work.

Then, i read about entering Hotel mode, and setting Clone to Tv or whatever. The funny thing is i have version 3009 and i dont have access to a Hotel menu as such (remote key "mute119ok" does not work. I have to go at it through INFO+MENU+MUTE+POWER and there appears a hotel menu. Funnily enough, the menu does not let me turn hotel mode ON or OFF.

Now, the Antenna and Plug&play menu are greyed out.

I went into the service menu again and factory reset the tv, but that didnt work either. In fact, now i dont have any channels whatsoever.

What can i do to fix this?

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Re: Antenna and Plug&play menu greyed out :(

Post by beatfreak »

try mute 1 1 9 ok again (when tv is already running), it should work for your model and check if hotel mode is really turned off
then check if right DVB-mode / antenna is selected
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