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Info Link Country

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I am completely new here - but I am trying without luck to change the info link country on my TV. I have done the Hotel mode hack, and got to the service menu. I have clicked the Clone TV to USB - but no info link country menu option comes up at all!?

Should I try to get root access? Will that even help me!?

Thanks very much! I have attached a screenshot of the service menu screen in case it can help anyone help me.
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Re: Info Link Country

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You are looking for advanced / extended service menu, the clone-usb-trick only worked until a specific fw-version,
to also get this menu you need to send special commands to tv while you are in service menu: "FACTORY" and "3SPEED"
this can be done through various methods such as generating their IR-Signals with LIRC or prerecorded audio files and a diy transmitter, or you send them via network with rusamsungtvcommunicator
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FYI: you can close your ssh session with SamyGO with

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