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Re: K Model Service Menu

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horatyu wrote:
Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:34 am
If Your Tv is off You cam push Info, menu(settings), mute,power.
I tried it, but it can't work. I tested the remote controller when the TV working and the buttons are working correctly.
When the TV is off and I pushed the buttons the controll led on the TV is flashing, so it recived the signal, but the TV not starting in Service menu

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Re: K Model Service Menu

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Info home mute power
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Re: K Model Service Menu

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you have to wait a minute or so after power off, otherwise sometimes it won't go into Ser-menu
also make sure it's in TV mode before turning off, it won't go into SM from hdmi

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Re: K Model Service Menu

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Hi all,

Can anybody share his ADC settings of KU7000?

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Re: K Model Service Menu

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Hello! Can anyone help me? I own a 55KU6172 model and I have messed up the hdmi ports in the service menu. I need the correct configuration for the HDMI path witch is found in engineering option. I need the correct four digit number and letters( 1234 and abcd).

Thank you!

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Re: K Model Service Menu

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Just switch panel type and switch back to original panel. Al settings in service menu will return to defaults. FTI

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Re: K Model Service Menu

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Any idea how to change resolution in service menu,i am using ku7000 as monitor and it doesnt show in bios and while booting up due to resolution


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