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I have a few problems with my new UE50KU6000:

No 1: I have a DNS-320 NAS with minidlna 1.1.5 installed on it. The UE50KU6000 disconnects after a few seconds when I play video from the NAS. I also have a Samsung J5500 TV which doesn't have this problem. Also no problem playing on my iPhone, iPad or PC from the sam DLNA server. Althogh I attached an USB3 HDD to my Netgear R7000 router and I can say that playing video from that device doesn't have the same problem.

No 2: My IP TV set top box connects to the TV vie HDMI. With max volume on my set top box the volume on TV should be set to 50. In contrast when I play video from DLNA or YouTube the volume must not be over 20. So each time I change source I have to chane volume. Annoying...

No 3: on the second day a zero (0) displayed on the right middle of the screen. I could not make it disappear with any button or menu. So I had to disconnect from the mains the TV set.

The firmware version is 1111. I found someone uses 1112 or so, but when I try to upgrade it says no new firmware is available.



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Re: UE50KU6000

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Nothing we deal with there, you should contact Samsung support.
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