KS model - not receiving channels. Can it be fixed with firmware?

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KS model - not receiving channels. Can it be fixed with firmware?

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+ Are EU KS7000 TVs built with the same hardware/tuners?
+ Can I modify my TV's software/firmware to accept different tuner channels if I move country still within the EU?
+ I'm trying to determine if my TV needs to be returned, or simply needs a firmware/software modification to show TV, as currently the tuner isn't finding channels.

I bought a standard EU model KS7000 from Amazon. I live in Germany. I'm struggling to pick up more than 5 channels on it, (that I believe are internet channels)

Samsung are not being very helpful, standard "turn it on/off" kind of comments and dodging my questions regarding software/hardware differences between the model I have and what is needed to accept German channels. [My model: UE60KS7000SXXH, German model: UE60KS7090U]

I read on Amazon that this issue could be solved with a firmware swap. Is this true? Does anyone have knowledge of this? Would this be the case if I moved from Germany to another EU country as well, i.e just download firmware variants onto a USB stick to make your TV's tuners compatible?

Samsung give instructions on changing the firmware via USB on their website. But is this risky? Does it void warranty?


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