Fw Ks9090 Downgrade?

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Fw Ks9090 Downgrade?

Post by DaveO88 »

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hi Guys
I have for about 1 month the UE55KS9090, after the initial installation I got the same new firmware 1154.0. I was very happy with this version, super picture, no clouds, no jerky motion at fast movements.
But I forgot the automatic update function turn off and after 2 weeks the TV went to the firmware 1160.6.
The TV now had a very bad picture (SD quality), stuttering picture with fast movements and if I would have access via the TV to HDD or NAS, this manager hangs up.
Factory reset I have already done, a minimal improvement of the image is synonymous to recognize, Amazon App now works again, but the overall impression is unfortunately not more like with Fw 1154

Now I would like to go back to the 1154, unfortunately, the downgrade files only go up to J-series.
Why is it not for the KS series?
Is there any problems to create such a file?
Can this be generated from an existing 0000 file itself? In which one only changes the relevant data from the info text and the xml files?
Or is it too easy to make it so?

Can someone help? To reach it so I come back to the Fw 1154?

Or can I forget about it because this is not possible?


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Re: Fw Ks9090 Downgrade?

Post by sectroyer »

Do NOT worry no 0000 for your TV and also disabling updates in main menu does NOTHING :)
I do NOT support "latest fw" at ALL. If you have one you should block updates on router and wait for it to STOP being "latest":)
If you want me to help you please paste FULL log(s) to "spoiler"/"code" bbcodes or provide link(s) to pasted file(s) on http://ctrlv.it/ Otherwise "NO HELP"!!!
If you want root DISABLE internet access to your device!!!!

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Re: Fw Ks9090 Downgrade?

Post by juusso »

K series is to fresh and you should not expect 0000 firmware for it yet.
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