[App] libSTFU K

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[App] libSTFU K

Post by zoelechat » Sat Sep 22, 2018 1:17 pm

Hide too much visible or adjust duration of too lengthily shown stuff on TV (e.g. info banners... Check options below for details).

  • Extract attached archive
  • Copy 55_STFU.init to SYSROOT/etc/init.d
  • Copy libSTFU.so to SYSROOT/usr/so
  • Edit ARGS line at top of 55_STFU.init script according to the following. [ms] is optional duration in milliseconds:
    • -b[ms] - Channel info banner duration. Shown on INFO or ENTER keypress on TV source.
      → TV default is 10000ms, lib default if no value specified is 6000ms
    • -s[ms] - source banner duration. Shown on INFO or ENTER keypress on external source.
      → TV default: 5000ms, lib default: 2500ms
    • -i[ms] - Channel number input delay. On switching to channel by typing number, delay between last digit and effective zapping.
      → TV default: 3000ms, lib default: 1500ms
    • -l[ms] - EPG details long press duration. When info banner is shown on TV source, how long you have to hold ENTER to show details.
      → TV default: 700ms, lib default: 300ms
    • -h - Disable annoying 'hdr blah' notification everytime you start playing HDR content or switch to HDR source.
    • -n - Disable 'not available' popup shown when unallowed in context RC key is pressed.
    • -r - Disable rating lock. Whatever rating setup is, some 18+ programs still forcibly ask pincode. Disable completely.
  • Reboot TV or start script manually:

    Code: Select all

    $SYSROOT/etc/init.d/55_STFU.init start
  • Lib can't be uninjected. To restore defaults, either kill tv-viewer process (it will restart itself) or disable startup script and reboot TV.
  • Untested on T-HKMFK as usual.

Logfile is written to /tmp/STFU.log

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v0.1.7 - First release
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