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[App] J/K/(Q)M Remote control extension for webif

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 9:00 pm
by sectroyer
Adds four different graphical remote controls to webif feature you can reach from anywhere using a web browser (phone, etc...)

What to do:
  • Extract attached archive and copy remote folder to SYSROOT/etc/phpsysinfo
  • Restart apache init script from webif or commandline, or reboot tv
  • Using any web browser on any device that can reach tv, connect to:

    Code: Select all

  • Select the design/layout you prefer and play :)
  • Some exotic/advanced keys on remotes (usually at the bottom) are likely to do nothing on Tizen TVs because they're deprecated/not used anymore.
  • Additional credit goes to:
    - zoelechat for the hard work/testing/debugging
    - kai and nussba1 for original inspiration, layout/css and that thread