Youtube issues

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Youtube issues

Post by fits79 »


Does anyone else has these issues at youtube app of this tv?

01. After i open the youtube app and power off the tv when i power on and run youtube all icons became one icon and the solve of this issue is to exit of the app and re open it.
02. Why many times it loose the connected profile/account of youtube app i have connect with the tv? Some times it loose it when i use this acc to any other device like mobile phone, laptop e.t.c. How i can solve that?

and have and other issues this youtube app from when i buy this tv before 8 months and none of them has solved even with the latest firmware 1168.1 released at 30 Mar. 2017.

Can you suggest me any solutions for these issues/problems?

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Re: Youtube issues

Post by WickedForte »

I am also at 1168 and I have issues with this. Where I long press the back button to exit out of youtube to open it and be able to move around with my logged in youtube profile. Sometimes doing this however will irritatingly go back to =/.

My TV autoupdated before I could block the patch links since then Pandora doesn't work and Hulu takes FOREVER to play content when it hits commercials or loading the intial video.

Wish downgrading were possible at this point. More or less learned to deal with the current state of the TV as irritating it can be.

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Re: Youtube issues

Post by Mechanic »

I thought that it was only my problem with this firmware. firmware 1168.1 does have bugs. what to do? wait for a new update and hope that there will be no more problems? or reflash? I'll have to consult .

Cheers, Mechanic

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