Rooting a 50KU7000

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Rooting a 50KU7000

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Hey guys,

I'm planning to buy this TV, and I've read that you could downgrade most firmware "" Downgrade of firmware 1201 to 1241
"" now by following the guide on the extras section.
I would like to know if someone had already got it rooted. and I have a few questions if someone can help me with:

1- Do I still need to check if my firmware starts with T-JZ* firmware up to 1169 (included) or T-HKMFK* firmware up to 1169 if it is 1201?
2- How can someone block updates if he owns no android phones and got an iPhone ? can the regular remote control on K series do the trick?
3- Do you guys recommend me to buy this KU7000 or should I try to look for another model?
4- Does the KU model plays 4K contents from Netflix Prime Hulu Starz just fine?


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