Export recordings from BD-H8900

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Export recordings from BD-H8900

Post by droopy »

Hi all,
I have the BD-H8900 with the built-in 1 TB hard drive. On this drive I recorded a huge amount of things from TV during the last years. To backup these recordings I try to export these recordings from the player to a computer. Unfortunately I wasn't sucessfull until now. Maybe you could help me...

The first thing I tried was to enable the media sharing and the sharing of the drive on the player. This is what I found in the internet. I also marked some recordings for sharing in the player. After that the player appeared in my home network and I was enable to access it via Windows Media Player (Win 10 1909) and the software UPNPExplorer. Unfortunately I could not transfer any of the recordings. I don't see any files to transfer...See my screenshots below.

The second thing was that I connect the internal hard drive to my computer and transfer the files to the computer. No problem with this, but the problem was, that the files are in a format, that is not able to play. For each recording I get 4 files: *.srf, *.mdb, *.inf and *.cip The srf file might containt the video, if this file is the biggest of the 4.
I try to convert it with the software Destroi, but the ouput of this was also not playable. So this way was also not successfull for me.

So, do you have any idea for me, how I could get the recordings in a good way to my computer? I am glad about your help!

Thank you! :-)
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Re: Export recordings from BD-H8900

Post by federicobon »

I'm also interested in this topic. In my case: I'm trying to copy the Tv recorded video to my Windows PC in oder to trasfer them to a NAS
Anyone has some tips?

thank you , federico

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