Other RS-232 modes

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Other RS-232 modes

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I have a UE32E5300. I have successfully made an ex-link cable and I can access the TDM in debug mode.

When I set it to uart or logic mode, the TV prints (with 115200 baud) out a message something like follows and nothing after that: "RS-232 mode set to UART or LOGIC. Output disabled."

I read that one could send button-presses in UART mode. I sent the codes I found on Samsung's website but nothing happened. I have tried both 9600 and 115200 baud.

I wonder if my device supports this way of remote control, and also what is logic mode for.
Calling the service port RS-232 is a bit confusing for me, so could someone verify that regardless the RS-232 mode, I won't need an adapter for -12V - +12V logic levels.


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