UE55D8000 firmware

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UE55D8000 firmware

Post by techi »

Hi Guys,
Looking to play with tv, just bought secondhand. I’ve got the samygo widget installed but won’t load and I suspect due to firmware from what I’m reading.

I’ve put up address in dns which is fine and rebooted tv. I select firmware option but I’m told none available.

My current version is 001021

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.


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Re: UE55D8000 firmware

Post by Grace774 »

T-Gapdeuc isn't downgradeable in any known ways. DNS trick does not work at all for any models, hospitity hack does not work on t-gapdeuc. So no go, door is closed. Unless you figure out how to reflash full chip, or resolder with preprogrammed with proper firmware.

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