LS24EMDKU/ P2470HD: Which series is that? (And ? SamyGO-support?)

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LS24EMDKU/ P2470HD: Which series is that? (And ? SamyGO-support?)

Post by dreieck »


I newly have a TV+monitor with model code 'LS24EMDKU/EN' printed on it, it was also sold as 'SyncMaster P2470HD'.

According to the naming scheme given here in the Wiki it should be E-series (letter "E" after the number denoting the diagonal length), according to manufacturing date (November 2009) it should be B-series, but the naming scheme does neither fit that of E-series naming scheme nor that which is generally described here (first two letters are 'LS' ...).

Available official firmwares for download from Samsung which I have found are 'T-E24PEUC', v. 1005.0, and 'T-S24PEUC', v. 1003.0, both from 2011-06-14.

Can anyone give me a hint to which series it does belong (and as a bonus answer if there is SamyGO-support), or is it a complete different series from what is covered here with "SamyGO"?

I have searched the wiki and the forum for the strings 'P2470', 'P2370', 'P2270', 'E24PEUC', 'S24PEUC', 'EMDKU', 'LS24E', 'LSxx' (using google search with ''), but could not find anything helping me further.

Attached I have photographs of the device.

Thanks for any advise!

P.S.: Regarding GNU-Linux I am quite adept as long as it does not come to kernel programming.

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Re: LS24EMDKU/ P2470HD: Which series is that? (And ? SamyGO-support?)

Post by zoelechat »

Indeed looks like 2009 B-like series (monitors have different naming), but nothing known there about it, too much exotic model :)
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