Hyperion on Q64T

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Hyperion on Q64T

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Hello everyone,
I'm interested in ambilight clone. After googling a few I found that there are some apps/mods that act similar to Hyperion Android Grabber app video.
My TV is a Q64T (amazon version of Q60T), unfortunately I've already update the firmware to the latest version.

Series number 0F1Y3HDN600340V
Firmware T-NKLDEUC-2303.1,BT-S

I found a bit confusing the wiki for series identification,
can you confirm that my SmartTV is a T series and aunrootable at the moment? I wish to know to follow the right subforum for any update.

Do you know if there is any project for samsung TV similar to hyperion.ng grabber for webos (PicCap) ?

Many thanks

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