Firmware Collection T-ECPDEUC ES 2012 Series

Here is information about customize your E series firmware..:!:This forum is NOT FOR USER questions or problems but DEVELOPER.
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Firmware Collection T-ECPDEUC ES 2012 Series

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I was asked now several times for older FW for T-ECPDEUC ES7000, ES8000, ES9000 2012-Series.

T-ECPDEUC_0000 and T-ECPDEUC_2002.0 to T-ECPDEUC_2023.0

Have fun!

I will not answer any questions regarding "rooting" or "Help I bricked my TV" or anything else. No support for this files.
The useage of all files is at your own risk !!! Use thise files only if you are really know what you are doing. :mrgreen:
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