Bluetooth implementation in Samsung N7 series

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Bluetooth implementation in Samsung N7 series

Post by slva2000 »

I would like to introduce a broomstick module, such as BN96-25376A for outputting sound to the budget TV Samsung 49NU7170.
In the engineering menu (OnStandby: info, menu, mute, power) turned on BT output. An option appeared in the sound menu "sound output via BT", it seems like the search for devices also appeared, only, as I understand it, there is no hardware. I understand that this is a modular device, and most likely it simply does not exist, although it costs, as everyone understands, the conditional 3 bucks.

Before you take off the lid, is there any experience with the masters of such implementations? And maybe someone in Altai has this device?
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Re: Bluetooth implementation in Samsung N7 series

Post by foloap »

I'm trying the same with 50NU7090.
I replaced wdn221m bn59-01308A (built in wifi module) with wcm730q bn59-01264B (NU7400 wifi + BT module), I changed wifi vendor to QCA9379 and enabled BT on service menu.
But now Wifi is not working and BT never worked.
Any suggestion is more than welcome
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Re: Bluetooth implementation in Samsung N7 series

Post by macuso925 »

Did you tried change vendor to different frequency.?
Or in update section did you update the components you need to do for the 2 differents radio or 3 if 5ghz present plus or change your base model in engineering

And at the first tv is notimpossible but extremely difficult cuz wireless card is soldered to main board.!

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