UE32D4003BW HDMI no signal problem!

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UE32D4003BW HDMI no signal problem!

Post by hlebetrix »

Hello! Today I'm stuck with a problem, this TV doesn't recognize any HDMI signal input.
Tried my Lenovo notebook, it cannot transfer image through HDMI port, used every setting in Intel(R) Display Settings, but nothing helped.
I tried another HDMI cable from my main PS4 system and TV that works, but when using with this Samsung TV, the problem stays the same :/

Then I tried to connect my PS3 to that Samsung UE32D4003BW, did an PS3 video settings reset, also tried another HDMi cable that works, nothing changed, still No Signal.

But interesting part, that TV recognizes HDMI input, and even show it up in Sources menu.
I don't know what to do, tried to lookup smthing in service menu, tried enabling EDID, but no result.
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Re: UE32D4003BW HDMI no signal problem!

Post by James266 »

I have this same issue on my UE32H6400AK TV as well.

I have tried lots of different devices and cables and as you say the TV seams to recognise the input device and lets you select it but the gives the "no signal" error.

When I plug it into my PC, the PC recognises it as a Samsung TV as well and thinks that its projecting to it.

i tired downgrading my firmware and tried different versions of the firmware and it doesn't fix it.

Im out of ideas and wondering if it must be a hardware issue.

Did you manage to get yours to work?

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