Bluetooth Audio Support

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Re: Bluetooth Audio Support

Post by noobnoob »

Hi guys,

confirmed working with on UE46ES6300 T-MST-10PDDEUC-2007.0 and Sony WH-CH700N.
Only reconnect doesn't work... need to go thru the pairing process again. Maybe somebody found a solution for this too?

Thanks for the great work!
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Re: Bluetooth Audio Support

Post by domato »

Hi, its UE32F6400 & T-MST12DEUC-2127.0 - latest.
Injecting changes nothing visible, while shows in tools menu "Bluetooth Headphones". Headphones is found but pairing is not completed and the TV reports "Can not connect to the... Check whether the device is turned on."
Headset sais that is paired, no sound in the headphones. Tried changing external speaker and back, enabling/disabling 3d mode... - never sound.

Any chance for this model/firmware?
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Re: Bluetooth Audio Support

Post by kisspach »

Not work on UE40ES6560 😒

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