Q90t, installing CA certificate for web access

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Q90t, installing CA certificate for web access

Post by quix »

Enabled Q90t internet capabilities and now I am again up to my neck in things that piss me off... :mrgreen:

I am searching for a way to install CA certificate on my TV, since I am using self developed mitm proxy and it clean the advertising traffic of all machines on network and since I want to get rid of youtube ads, I would like to get the Q90t traffic over the proxy too.

The Q90t doesnt support proxy settings (which is lame by samsung) but this is not really a problem, as I can redirect its traffic to my proxy using mikrotik router, but it wont help until I am able to install my CA certificate to the TV.

Did someone maybe figured out how to accomplish that? Using browser?
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Re: Q90t, installing CA certificate for web access

Post by Natas »

... have also a ca-certificate problem, but with a H-Series samsung TV (orsayOS)
and also confused, because i can NOT set /reset the time & date.
date set is always 1970... so i can NOT
SSL / HTTPS connections.....

my ca-certificate is found in "/mtd_rwarea"
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