3D effect / 3D game mode options in B650 menus

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Re: 3D effect / 3D game mode options in B650 menus

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Good question. I don't even know what's Samsung's way of doing that.
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Re: 3D effect / 3D game mode options in B650 menus

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Glasses are uses IR light to make glass dark... TV emit IR light on some frame and doesn't emit other frame that shutters the glass.
No way to make it with current HW. But addition of IR emitter device, I think our TVs could show 3D content too. Such a device could be controller from USB and It will be less than $5 to make.
If we build such a device, we will have some synchronization problems. How could we detect which frame (for left or right eye) is showing or gonna show next? if stream coming from hdmi input? If we could detect it, than we could synchronize the IR emitter device.
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Re: 3D effect / 3D game mode options in B650 menus

Post by nbd »

Cool, I already have working IR emitter/receiver for my TV. First I needed to 'record' the original IR signals, though. A trip to a local electronic store again :)

The sync could be as easy as selecting the frequency and then adjusting the phase until it's the correct. (Not really sure how precisely it could be done however)
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Re: 3D effect / 3D game mode options in B650 menus

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Look's like communication protocol for driving Samsung IR shutter glasses got reverse engineered recently: <http://www.mtbs3d.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=12596>.
For syncing issues, I think uldDp_IsrMain() interrupt handler may be used for VSYNC events capturing & processing.

I can't find any easy way to enable 3D processing in B-Series models. There are methods for that in firmware, but I think they mostly lack implementation on lowest level. Most logical place for 3D processing will be probably FRC [micro]code. FRCs in B-Series models (at least Samsung 120Hz and 240Hz FRCs - I'm not sure about "READING" FRC, whatever it is) are programmable, so maybe it will be possible to perform required 3D image manipulations in FRC CPUs/GPUs. Certainly not an easy way, though..

However, other issues aside, I kinda doubt 100Hz/120Hz LCD sets will be good enough for acceptable quality 3D (response times of *MVA/*PVA panels are not that great; IMO at best it will be 3D with very noticeable crosstalk).
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Re: 3D effect / 3D game mode options in B650 menus

Post by clawhammer »

sbav1 wrote: Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:00 pm
aquadran wrote:where you find menu entry info ?
Just browsed through unicode strings in exeDSP binary, eg: in (Total Commander Lister) Options -> Unicode, and searched for "3D".
btw hardware hdmi input is capable upto 720p at 120hz and 1080i at 120hz but not progressive.
120Hz would be really nice thing to have, even in 720p. You sure Samsung hardware in B650 series supports that?
I can see 720p/1080i @ 120Hz mentioned in SIL9287 specs, but this is just HDMI switch; I can't find anything relevant in Arsenal chip built-in HDMI receiver description, just this:

Code: Select all

HDMI interface
?HDMI 1.3 compliant receiver.
 Deep color support, up to 36bit-per-pixel
 High Bitrate(HBR) audio modes
?Supports full 36-pin-wide video data path
 24,30, or 36bpp supported in SDR mode (Single Edge clock)
 DDR modes(dual edge clock) also supported for restricted pin interface.
?Digital Low pass filter for anti-aliasing during up & down samping between 4:4:4/4:2:2
?YCbCr for/to RGB color conversion
?WideEyeTM architecture for conditioning and equalization
 Supports cable lengths over 20m
?Supports advanced high bitrate audio mode
 One Bit audio for SACD with sampling rates of 44.1KHz and 88.2KHz 
 High Bit compressed audio via four I2S interfaces
 Superior audio clock regeneration.
?Programmable channel mapping for HDMI, Video Output, and Audio interfaces
?Intergrated HDCP 1.2 decryption engine and pr-programmed keys
?Includes backward compatible support for HDCP 1.1/1.0 and DVI1.0
I wonder if anyone actually tried to force some 100Hz/120Hz input signal to TV HDMI ports (some method for EDID-listed modes bypass will be probably required to test this).
display panels are 120hz, everething is upscaled into 120hz by FRC
Hmm, I think LCD panels in B650 series are more likelly to support both 100Hz and 120Hz nativelly (at least in European models). In my opinion, frame rate conversion from 50Hz to 120Hz will likely introduce some noticeable judder artifacts, even with most sophisticated algorithms, and I can't see any artifacts for 60Hz, 50Hz and 24Hz inputs (24*5=120). But it's just a guess, nothing solid to back it up.
Sorry guys i didnt get why did you said that its a only switch. In PDF they clearly wrote:
"Integrated EDID and DDC support for 4 HDMI/DVI ports and 1 VGA port with a 256-byte NVRAM shared between ports that loads into SRAM separate 256-byte SRAM for each of 5 ports"

So it should have EDID info inside?

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