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Netflix app latest version

Post by Tvaddickt »

The latest Netflix app on my ES6710 is old, no profile selection and zo on.
I know on other samsung tv's Netflix released a new app. Is is possible to port the new app to my tv? I guess Netflix/Samsung will never update the app on my tv anymore :cry:
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Re: Netflix app latest version

Post by barrymossel »

Does anyone have an answer to this? I am looking for the same.

Would be a shame if I had to buy a Chromecast just to watch Netflix while having a smart TV.
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Re: Netflix app latest version

Post by M11 »

This is probably not possible. On newer tvs the Netflix app is just a forwarder and the app itself is in emps folder. I highly doubt it will work even if you copy both parts to the correct folders.
Does E series even have emps folder?
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Re: Netflix app latest version

Post by valterfcarvalho »

I'm having the same problem. My TV is a UN40ES7000 from 2012 and the Netflix app does not have profile selection.
I was wondering if there's any way to hack the new app and port it to my ES, but this answer from M11 points to a dead end... Is that so? No way?
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Re: Netflix app latest version

Post by TeHashX »

Yes, can we use app from F series? Can someone provide zip file?
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Re: Netflix app latest version

Post by zagualo »

Netflix with adverts version is not available for series E/F.

Still not possible to package or zip with this version ?

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