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Re: App SRC Extended Service Menu Android

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k4k4shi wrote: Sun Aug 14, 2022 3:43 pm I have downloaded and installed the app can somebody help me confirm if the app works on the following TV?
Model code LS32AM702UNXZA

Just to be on safe side.
It's smart monitor. Can you tune channels on that thing. Because with this app you need to be on source TV watching some channel.
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Re: App SRC Extended Service Menu Android

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SRC on google play
Is there a version of the SRC app that I can run on windows? I have a USB IR that works great for other application's in windows.
I have samsung galaxy tab GT-3113 runing android 4.3, one step below what i need to run SRC on it. There is no way it xan be updated.
I have an old macbook with built in IR but its running OS 10.6.8 ( No updates) so i cant download anything anymore.
And of course none of my samsung phones have an IR built in.
I'd buy but somthing but I'm in between jobs and broke. And now my damn tv is messed up because I was bored drunk and stupid.
LoL 😆
The internet and beer 🍺 can be bad Umk!
Thank you for any assistance

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