RolRemote: Yet another software remote (for Win & Linux)

Here are software that related with Samsung D series TVs.
Please don't create any new topic here unless you have software to post/release.

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Re: RolRemote: Yet another software remote (for Win & Linux)

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Samsung UN55F8000BF

I can get into service level 1 but not the advanced level.
I have an old Samsung tab that came with the tv from 2013. It has a built in IR but it's running android 4.3 and can't be updated. Most apps will not work and SRC is not downloading on it..
I have an old MacBook with built in IR. Its running OS X 10.6.8. Can't download anything with it. The Googles are are to old or I'm to stupid. 😆
That leaves me with my laptop with windows 8.1 and USB IR that i can plug into it?
Will you remote work with the PC and the IR?

Thank your for your time

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