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LS55BG970NNXGO - Curious

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Looking to find info regarding what could be possible to do on Samsung's LS55BG970NNXGO, the Odyssey Ark 55" SmartTV/SmartMonitor. I am not necessarily looking for any guides or answers, just some steps I can take to learn more about the device's capabilities that Samsung has removed in software and perhaps info I could pull from device and provide here to get more insight and help others. I am willing to spend time, and to a certain extent money to expand the manageability and function of the device, as it has great hardware, but has been kneecapped to a great extent by Samsung software.

I have basic service menu accessible already (via Service Remote Control 1.2 from Wolfgang Niemann, as well as SmartTV Service Remote Control from Andrey Makarov, both running on SM-G900V(revB)) and am currently shopping around for a physical service remote as I seem to be unable to get into Extended/Advanced Service menu from either SRC or SSRC despite having INFO/FACTORY/3SPEED function.

I may also go the IrDroid route, currently looking into my options, any recommendations appreciated.

I have also acquired the original program files for ruSamsungTVCommunicator written by R@iner Ullrich, but no longer updated or publicly available due to GDPR issues and a lack of time per dev. I am currently working with a friend overseas to get the program accurately translated from German to English in it's entirety before I begin messing with anything (Don't trust GTranslate / others to translate accurately enough to risk messing with) as well as determining function of certain uses from source.

I am waiting on shipment of Ex-Link cable (shaky hands or I'd solder myself)

I am currently learning Tizen development (just waiting on Samsung to fix the damn SDK's internal browser calls in Eclipse, as they broke the sign-in form required for Dev cert creation a few days ago) so I can start working on a few things within the bounds of the software as it stands now.

I have low-level management of my entire network (via Unifi UDW) and ability to redirect or clone port traffic to another port as needed to capture full streams of data. I also can deploy the Packet Squirrel between the Ark's ethernet connection and the rest of the network, for capture and in-transit modification of packets. I can use CAPSA / Wireshark as needed to determine whatever information would be useful and filter down.

I am primarily a Windows user (dayjob as Win primary sysadmin actually) but am fairly comfortable in Linux/Unix environments. I have little actual AV specific knowledge, but am getting into the specifics now and looking forward to learning more.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations for things to try / info to acquire, or if there is any info I could provide to assist others in their projects.

Edit: Apparently I DO have access to advanced service menu, just lacking some options I was expecting.

Thanks, KP
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Re: LS55BG970NNXGO - Curious

Post by printtech »

Is there anyway I can get a copy the ruSamsung program??

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