UE65RU8005U, auto shut off timer bug (?)

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UE65RU8005U, auto shut off timer bug (?)

Post by kaputnik »

My living room TV is a UE65RU8005U.

When the auto power off timer is about to run out, a dialog box pops up, "TV will turn off automatically. Please select OK to keep your TV turned on..." and so on. I press OK with the remote, and the dialog box disappears. You'd expect that to reset the timer, but a minute later, the TV shuts off anyways.

It's been like this since I bought it a few years ago, through numerous firmware updates. It's not a big problem, just a bit annoying, and I assumed Samsung would fix this at some point. I can't be the only one to have noticed it. Now the TV is getting old though, and I've lost hope.

Since I tend to fall asleep in the sofa, I'd like to keep using the timer.

I've tried to google for a solution, but I only find generic info on the auto shut off timer, how to enable/disable it, etc, nothing about this specific problem.

Is it possible to get the timer to work as expected somehow?

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