New Firmware T-VALDEUC_3018.1

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Re: New Firmware T-VALDEUC_3018.1

Post by jartukovic »

I have LE40C650 with PVR activated and Skype installed from before 3015 firmware,
when i updated to 3015 i didn't loose anything, so i wonder if it will stay the same when i update now to 3018.1 ?


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Re: New Firmware T-VALDEUC_3018.1

Post by Goemi »

Installed T-VALDEUC_3018.1 on my Samsung UE46C6730USXXN in the hope it would solve the problems with Youtube app (can't play video, no search results). Unfortunately it did not and now I can't downgrade or anything. It won't install the 0000 firmware from the USB.
The tv has never been modded / hacked or anything like that. It does not have Telnet access and there is no Games or Gallery option on the TV as it says in the guide for enabling Telnet.
I have been looking in the forums but I can't find anything else. Is there any other way for me to downgrade?

By the way, I contacted Samsung about the Youtube issue and after doing a factory reset and a reset on the Internet@TV, they told me they will look into this issue and that I should be patient.
They also said that they have just tested the Youtube app on a C model over there and that it works properly.
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Re: New Firmware T-VALDEUC_3018.1

Post by RichNL »

I have had the same YouTube problem as decribed by Goemi. My UE40C6740 has not been modified or hacked in any way, and after installing 3018 (hopefully to correct some satellite menu problems) the YouTube can't play the videos and all searches result in not found. How can Samsung screw up so badly !!!!!

There are quite a few errors in the satellite section of the menus in my UE40C6740. This has been going on for the last 3 to 4 firmware updates and they have still not been corrected. For example: In the satellite selection menu, some of my selected satellites cannot be unselected in the list even after a Reset Satellite Settings is done. Why? The transponder list should be updated in each firmware release. The menu showing the satellite signal strength disappears after about 2 minutes just at the time I am trying to adjust the dish.....Why the hell can't the menu screen stay displayed until I choose to move on to the next step ???? The manual should be clearer about what an automatic or manual search does to the satellite channel list already active.

Samsung may have good hardware (?) but who in god's name designs their menu interfaces...they are not intuitive and user-friendly enough when compared to other makes. Someone at Samsung should take a serious look at their menus and correct them !! Or employ experienced people to do the job !

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