[ROOT] "Skype replacement" root E/F

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[ROOT] "Skype replacement" root E/F

Post by mihd » Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:31 pm

As everybody knows: Skype is over, so here's "Skype-like" root method *not needing Skype* (for old firmwares, versions boundaries are the same. Later firmwares go there: [App] Rooting E/F on latest firmwares). USB free root, except for/during installation.

  • First unpack attached archive suiting your TV series (E or F) to root of a freshly FAT formatted USB drive.
Instructions for E-series:
  • Download 128mb.xfs from there and copy it to InstallSamygo/data on USB
  • Power off TV, attach USB to it as ONLY plugged device, power on.
  • Enter SmartHub and start widget named "Install SamyGO-E"
  • Press "Enter" and wait until it finishes (6 lines should appear with "Ok" at the end)
  • Restart TV (power off/on). Done.
Instructions for F-series:
  • Download samyext4.img.F.zip from there, extract archive and copy samyext4.img to InstallSamygo/data on USB
  • Enter SmartHub, go to "More Apps" and attach USB to TV as ONLY plugged device
  • Close dialog box and start widget named "Install SamyGO-F"
  • Press "Enter" and wait until it finishes (6 lines should appear with "Ok" at the end)
  • Restart TV (power off/on). Done.
  • Widgets SamyGO-E(Uninstall) and SamyGO-F(Uninstall) (appeared after installation in SmartHub) can be used to remove SamyGO startup files and root.
  • Widget RestoreSmG can be used to repair SamyGO startup files (in case of root loss).
  • In case something goes wrong after rooting (TV restarts, hangs, etc.), put any file named STOP_SAMYGO on any USB plugged to TV on startup, that will prevent root to start. At this point, either ask support there or do-something-yourself knowing that netcat access is available on port 4023 (no prompt).
  • If you had previously saved your custom 128mb.xfs/samyext4.img, you can use it instead of default one
  • If you just come from "lost Skype root" and if you still have SamyGO widget in Smarthub, it means all your custom files are still there. In such case you can press RED instead of ENTER during widget installation, then only startup files will be applied, /mnt contents will be kept and you'll find back everything "in state you left it".
  • To prevent possible overfilling of samyext4.img on F-series, once rooted it is necessary to edit /mnt/etc/init.d/01_01_catch_crap.init : find string "echo "+++++++++++ Release notes ++++++++++" >> $LOGFILE" and change ">>" to ">".
  • Method might not work on VERY ancient firmwares, in such case upgrade firmware to latest "Skype" rootable. Latest "Skype" and "Skype replacement" rootable firmwares:
    T-MST10PDEUC_1042.0 (for es5xxx/6xxx)
    T-ECPDEUC_2009.2 (for es7xxx/8xxx/9xxx)
    T-MST12DEUC_1119.0 (for F5xxx/6xxx)
    T-FXPDEUC_1115.0 (for F7xxx/8xxx)
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