[ROOT] Rooting E/F on latest firmwares

Here are software that related with Samsung F series TVs.
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Re: [ROOT] Rooting E/F on latest firmwares

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miazza wrote:
Sat Jan 30, 2021 5:17 pm
Check the USB and verify it is not corrupted. Otherwise you have to root again.
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Re: [ROOT] Rooting E/F on latest firmwares

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Hi Guys, I am having an issue with my F series tv, I have been using for with no issues for over a year now, but all of sudden it started freezing, like when you open smart hub it freezes after a while either switches off or nothing happens. Even when you try to power it off through remote nothing happens and after few minutes tv switches off. it's really frustrating just wondering if its root issue or some hardware? Hope some can help with this.

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