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by Lupine
Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:15 pm
Forum: [F] Software
Topic: [App] SamyGO STFU mod D(arm)/E/F
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Re: [App] SamyGO STFU mod D(arm)/E/F

I have installed this STFU mod on a D6500 @ 1027 with SamyGO 1.2.5. The channelinfo, timeshift_info and the recording reminder are gone much faster now. But not all configuration options seem to work. Should this mod affect the "Started recording" popup for scheduled recordings displayed below? Beca...
by Lupine
Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:47 pm
Forum: [D] Support
Topic: How to downgrade D6200 ?
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Re: How to downgrade D6200 ?

My main goal is to STFU the info banners on a D6500 @ 1027 using the hospitality hack. I have the same problems as Elysium with: /mtd_rwcommon/widgets/user/SamyGO/SamyGO/etc/init.d/01_01_catch_crap.init failed to execute /mtd_rwcommon/widgets/user/SamyGO/SamyGO/etc/init.d/02_04_vusb.vpvrimage.init f...

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