[Ended] E series widget -autostart w/o USB

Here are software that related with Samsung E series TVs.
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[Ended] E series widget -autostart w/o USB

Post by juusso » Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:15 pm

Skype being over, this root method is no longer appliable. Check there instead:
[App] "Skype replacement" root E/F

[Testing] E series widget -autostart of SamyGO, no physical USB required updated on 17/08/2014
Special thanks to b0tan from ixbt.com for standalone widget idea, alex3333 and Rvs for final realization!

This is initial testing widget, so it may be unstable, may not work on some models/firmwares

Method doesn't work anymore from firmwares T-MST10PDEUC-2000.2 (E-series 5xxx/6xxx) and T-ECPDEUC-2014.2 (E-7xxx/8xxx) and above. Another method is available for donors only and T-ECPDEUC can also be downgraded.

1. Install skype widget. Skype widget is mandatory.
2. Install SamyGO-E widget. Use one of listed methods:
  1. InstallSamyGO tool Right from USB - no develop account is needed
  2. Download widget and install, follow instructions. You can use following widget.xml for your local server (NB, size is 100000 to avoid insufficent memory error):

    Code: Select all

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <rsp stat="ok">
       <widget id="SamyGO">
           <compression size="100000" type="zip"/>
  • If you already have root access to TV, unzip and copy trough ftp to /mtd_down/widgets/normal/SamyGO.
  • If widget doesn`t appear on SmartHub, restart TV and check SmartHub once again.
    3. Start SamyGO-E once. You don`t need to run this widget anymore, now SamyGO starts automatically after every TV start.
    4. Restart TV

    Use putty for telnet on 23 port. No need for netcat anymore. If it wont work, then netcat shell is still on 1023 port.

    Tested and works on:

    Known issues:
    Skype won`t work. No solution found yet.
    Few reports that widget won`t work on some E6 and E8 models, need to collect more data.
    Autostart is not stable, sometimes won't work.
    Have questions? Read SamyGO Wiki, Search on forum first!
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