Amazon App hanging and workaround, any better solutions?

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Amazon App hanging and workaround, any better solutions?

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Hey guys,
after giving up the HDD recording function of my tv and using a dreambox (best decision ever)
I still like to use the amazon instant video app.

Problem is, the app freezes on every start.
I found a workaround which is to do the following:
1. Turn on tv an wait for the software update menu option to be available (After start its greyed out for approx 1 min)
2. Click on the software update menu option (nothing happens as I have disabled OTN Support anyways)
3. Wait another 30 seconds and amazon app starts without problems :)

I made a video of this:

TV Model: UE40F6470, Software Version 2126. I tried SamyGo once, but it couldnt fix problems with hdd recording so I'm just using standard firmware at the moment.
Any ideas why clicking on the software update option fixes freezing of the app?
And maybe there is a faster / automated solution so I won't have to do this on every start?

Thank you in advance,
cheers julian

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