Defect ES5700 board alternative or upgrade

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Defect ES5700 board alternative or upgrade

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My motherboard on a UE50 ES5700SXZG died - hdmi ports unresponsive.
Found out my motherboard is BN94 05970N

After some research I found that it's hard to find the motherboard, but I can get it at my service for 120€.
Found one used for 70€ on ebay but it's not shipping to my country:

Now after reading the wiki I found out you can upgrade the 5700 series to 6300 via service menu.
Logical thinking came and if you can upgrade, then physically the board should fit too. Looking for a motherboard for the 6300 series comes out with this: and 5 more results all shipping to my country. and for 60€ So the motherboard for the 6300 series is: BN94-05877M and mine is BN94 05970N. Not the same number, they look the same and that's why i'm here. But will this work? Also I suggest you check my numbers and serials because i'm new at this.

So, my questions:
Do I have to look at the whole model of my TV?
do the last 4 letters (SXZG) mean a different board again and it wont work?
If I get a board from a 40" tv will it work on my 50"?
Does the BN94 05970N ONLY work in my TV, or do others fit too?

And if anyone else knows about another board that works for my TV?

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