Gemote Wireless Remote Control

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Re: Gemote Wireless Remote Control

Post by IcesEyes »

This project is really nice, and it fill a gap between android, iphone and qt enabled devices...
Just a question: since the qt, and then maemo and meego version, do you plan to support also Symbian^3 devices, that are qt enabled as well? :)

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Re: Gemote Wireless Remote Control

Post by IForget »

This is such an old post hope someone can help.
In the US here...
Love this app but Timewiener cable forces us to use a " - " dash in our channel lineup ex. " 36-29 = Disney "
And this is the only key/command missing but is sadly needed :(...

I'd love to be able to change the color too that would make this app worth paying for :)

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