D series SoC eeprom research

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D series SoC eeprom research

Post by juusso » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:52 am

After successful repair of bricked mainboard, i couldn`t stop and decide to do some research on dumps of SoC eeprom, using Ethernet multi-function Interface.

Some preparation to make free from needs to open back panel of TV frequently:
So now no more needs to read micom config or SoC eeprom while family is watching TV. :geek:

Here is my initial dump, perhaps anyone finds something useful here...
First what i did - naturally, i played with factory menu values. Some blocks of bytes being changed after every reboot, but here are some "static" addresses for Factory menu. For example:

Code: Select all

Extended Service Menu enabled 0xCADF: 00=not enabled, 0D=enabled
rs232: 0x51D0: 00=debug, 01=UART , 02=Logic
Watchdog: 0x51D1: 00=off, 01=on
FaNet: 0x51D7: 00=off, 01=on
OTN:   0x55E1: 00=off, 01=on
DimmType: 0x559A: 00=int, 01=ext, 02=err
LVDS Format: 0x559B: 00=PDP, 01=JEIDA, 02=VESA 
AutoPower: 0x559C: 00=Always On, 01=Always Off, 02=LastPower
Language_Arabic: 0x3E29: 0D=EU, 0E=Turkey, 0C=US <and so on...>
To be updated. Any ideas what else to check? Do we need all those addresses of factory menu at all or no need to waste time for that?
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