Problem with modified RT73.KO module .

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Problem with modified RT73.KO module .

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I have LE32B652T4W samsung tv .
I use this commands to run modified RT73.KO module ;
cd /mtd_rwarea/modules
cp /dtv/usb/sda/SamyGO/rt73.ko /mtd_rwarea/modules
Than load the modules to TV's kernel.
Basic Way
rmmod rt73 # remove old kernel module
sleep 10 # wait some for detection
insmod /mtd_rwarea/modules/rt73.ko # install new module, you can also replace with rt73 or rt2570sta.ko or rt2870sta
This metod working properly , but only to first unplug tv .
In next plugging tv - WIFI not exist , only cable connection .
what should I do to wifi worked in next start up my tv ?
I have a dongle EDIMAX RT7318UG

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Re: Problem with modified RT73.KO module .

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Each power on commands are to be executed again. Manualy or by script.
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