PS50B850 and RT3572L VID_148F PID_3572

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PS50B850 and RT3572L VID_148F PID_3572

Post by zerbino » Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:21 pm

Greetings, dear! I'm from Russia, so using Google Translate. So sorry, if misunderstanding. Please help with a solution. Used search, but I found nothing. I think that only here can help me.
In general, for tv PS50B850Y1W like a life hacker-loser i bought as an alternative WIS09ABGN, device ... 55588.html fenvi FV-n600ABGN. It is listed as compatible WIS12ABGNX / WIS09ABGN and should work with
  • 2009 ??? Samsung LED TV: UA ** B6 ***/b7 ***/b8 ***/b9 ***
    2009 ??? Samsung LCD TV: La ** B6 **/b7 **/b8 **
    2009 ??? Samsung Plasma TV: PS ** B6 **/b7 **/b8 **
    2009 ??? Samsung BLU-RAY : BD-P16 **/p36 **/?46 **
    2009 ??? Samsung : HT-BD12 **/bd32 **/bd72 **/bd8200
Just before I called tech support Samsung, where I was informed that it officially supports WIS09ABGN. Answered:
This model of your TV, PS50B850Y1W, supports the ability to connect to the Internet how to use a wired connection via cable or via Wi-Fi, using a Wi-Fi adapter WIS09ABGN, without the use of additional equipment. With the detailed information about connecting the TV to the Internet, you can view the electronic User Guide, see "Network" on p. 30-35
The problem is that the TV does not see the adapter. Firmware version of the TV the latest available at the moment Online Samsung, namely T-CHU7DEUC_3002.1_Step2.
Checked whistle in Windows 7, where it has successfully determined, taking drivers 21.09.2015 from DRP, id the following USB \ VID_148F & PID_3572 & REV_0101, ie, according to is the id for A3LWIS12ABGNX . I understand that the first thing should be to try - a change from the id chip, but in Ubuntu 14.0.4 iwpriw writes that no private ioctls. Driver according to the instructions to change the VID in linux I have not found. The device chipset RT3572L.
But now, I realize that with the help of a respected creator of this site, with compiled suitable driver, it can make it work on my TV.
Could you help me step by step to solve the problem? BTW not worked.
Thank You, Alexey.

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