UE32C6000 problem Report

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UE32C6000 problem Report

Post by Technoob »

Hello guys,

at first i apologize for my english.
I am new here and do not know how this forum works.
Since 2 years i got the message "Main board has been changed. Please go into service mode and setup below options - type, local set, front color option" when switching on tv.
So i googled a bit and tryed to inform about that but i have not enough skills to understand what they are saying. :)
My problem is that in service mode the options type and local set are grey highlighted and i need to change them.
Instead of "EU_Only" it is "NONE" by Local Set furthermore model is changed from "UC6000" to "UC7000"
My firmware is T-VAL6DEUC-1017.0 and ?! T-VAL8DEUS-1005
I do not know why it changed but i hope someone can help me !

greetings ;)

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Re: UE32C6000 problem Report

Post by beatfreak »

you need to send two special keys/commands to your tv to unlock the values 3SPEED and FACTORY, you can use a network based app like rusamsungtvcommunicator or use a universal remote to send the commands as IR signal
//UE40C6500 @ T-VALDEUC 3011 // rooted manual HotelMode style // PVR to NFS via 18MB on-the-fly sparse XFS //
FYI: you can close your ssh session with SamyGO with

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