[APP] Handyman - widget for B series TV.

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Re: [APP] Handyman - widget for B series TV.

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I have a problem with DNS setting .
I have a router LIVEBOX2 [orange Poland , neostrada , neofon .
I dont modify DNS settings on this router , only default DNS -
Despite this I create DEVELOP account in @internet tv settings , but it's not helping .
Not connect to synchronize with serwer wih yahoo or noyahoo widgets .
Can I manually install HANDYMAN widget via pendrive ?
Is it other method to install Handyman and other [no]yahoo widgets when my router have a
not modify DNS settings :!: :?:

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Re: [APP] Handyman - widget for B series TV.

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This widget is ONLY for firmware downgrade purposes for those TV`s (basicaly for US market) without any other possibility to install FFB app. No other tasks/goals. It`s not needed for you.
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