TV speaker and headphones at the same time

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TV speaker and headphones at the same time

Post by petrfilipi »

Hi, guys.
I have bought for my mum new TV - UE40J6282SUXXH. Mother uses IR wireless headphones, so I have chosen a type of TV with headphones output. But - if I connect headphones to TV, in this moment will stop to work speaker in TV.
I tried to find number of headphones in advanced menu, but no success, there is not so called record. There are many records with number of HDMI, USB, DTV, ATV etc., but no headphones. I tried to set this value to 0, as I read on this sites.
So - is possible to short PCB around 3,5mm jack output? TV is 3 days old, but I think no one will check PCB if I return TV to shop, as is possible in first 14 days.
In TV is an optical output, so next choice is to use optical to audio converter. Price is not so expensive (around 25 USD + 4 USD for optical cable).

Next problem (but small) is really slow reaction to remote controller, but it would be acceptable if I solved problem with headphones.

Does anyone solve similar problem?
Many thanks for your answers.
Petr Filipi, the Czech Republic

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Re: TV speaker and headphones at the same time

Post by rakuri »

I dont understand your problem.
But maybe this helps you:

With headphone jack your tv speaker are always silent.
With opitcal you can setup a two way output -> Tv + recaiver
But be warned, you will have a sound timing error. Sound form Tv will be played always faster and earlier then from optical.

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Re: TV speaker and headphones at the same time

Post by juusso »

Optional you could use bt transmitter with possibility to connect more than one devices to it. Sure, main tv sound remains muted.

Also we have some patch for other series, which allows main sound to be unmuted together with connected 3.5 headphones (bt transmitter). But to have this feature, root is required.

p.s. need to consult to @zoelechat if such patch exists for J series first...
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Re: TV speaker and headphones at the same time

Post by zoelechat »

I guess patchable, but no idea atm. Moreover not easy to test on K where there is no headphone plug :D
Spdif converter is good (and cheap: ~5$ incl. cable from China ;)) solution imho, otherwise while using BT headphones (if TV supports BT) there's an option to mute internal speakers or not.
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