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[App] libSPDIFvolume K

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Lib allows to control optical out (and bluetooth devices) volume using RC volume keys. Works only if external out mode is set to PCM, not possible in AC3/DTS/passthrough because it... pass through! :)

  • Extract attached archive
  • Copy 60_SPDIFvolume.init to SYSROOT/etc/init.d
  • Copy libSPDIFvolume.so to SYSROOT/usr/so
  • Reboot TV or start script manually:

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    $SYSROOT/etc/init.d/60_SPDIFvolume.init start

Two args can be adjusted on top of script:
  • THRESHOLD:<500 - The higher it is, the lower minimal SPDIF volume will be (kind of negative gain). Max value is 500 and basically corresponds to silence at volume=0. Default value is 400.
  • STEP:10 - How much to remove to threshold on each volume step. For example if THRESHOLD=400 and STEP=10 (default value) then max spdif will be reached at 400/10=volume 40.
Well, not that easy to explain, better try with default values and adjust if needed. To repeat tries without rebooting TV, you can kill tv-viewer process, wait for it to restart and inject it again.

Also note that unlike on pre-Tizen TVs, injecting lib will affect TV speaker volume. Explanation is that Tizen only offers 10 gain steps on SPDIF, therefore volume adjustment has to be a mix of master and spdif gains to get a sufficient range. A nice side-effect is that lib also works to adjust bluetooth devices volume.

Reminder: Watchdog must be disabled in service menu for lib to work.

Logfile is written to /tmp/SPDIFvolume.log

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v0.1.1 - First release
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