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Re: SamyGO bftpd -writing speed

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RakDrak wrote:If you would like increase writing speed over FTP, you have to change default FTP setting in bftpd.conf
On my TV:
XFER_BUFSIZE="2048" cca 170kB/s
XFER_BUFSIZE="64000" cca 500kB/s
Thank You!!! I have to try that :D

It speeds up the FTP file transfers, but what about the TV perfomance? I mean, if I increase XFER_BUFSIZE, is the speed of the TV itself the same while transferring a file or it becomes slower?

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Re: SamyGO bftpd

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During tranfer TV is slower, i meen response to remote, but useful.

I have much better Transfer rate over Samba. Writing speed 1 660 kb/s
Look at

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