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K series tv geo-blocked

Post by rmg »

Hi. I bought a Samsung Smart TV when I was in the UK and brought it with me to a different part of the world. it no longer looks like the good deal it seemed to be when I bought it.. :-( and that is because I cannot use it. When I try to reset the smart hub it tells me it is geo-blocked. When I try to use the codes that I found on the internet and in these forums (mute-vol up - chan up-mute, it doesnt do anything.

I tried using it with vpns and with overplays smartdns, but this keeps happening.

my model tv is UE49K5500

any ideas?

how does it even know where I am physically located that it blocks me? If I use a vpn, why does it not think I am in the UK as per the settings on my vpn?

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Re: K series tv geo-blocked

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if vpn tunel is properly set, your tv shouldn`t think it is not in UK. It has no gps on board AFAIK :)
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