PVR in USA on un55j6300

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PVR in USA on un55j6300

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So based on some reading in these forums, I tried to go into the service menu and tweak the region. So I used mute-1-8-2-power, got into the menus, found the region. The only problem is that there are only two choices: KOR and USA. When I set to KOR, it screws up the tuner and cannot detect any channels. So I've set it back to USA and all is well, just no PVR. Any ideas?

I think I found my problem. I'm not in the "extended" service menu. Looks like I either need a factory remote or borrow someone's Android with IR blaster.

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Re: PVR in USA on un55j6300

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Go see this, it will help you and resolve your problem for sure.


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