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Smart Hub - Error

Post by MQ7Rocks »

Hi all,

At my wits end so I thought I would try here. I have a Q7F which has 1230 Firmware. Same error applied for 1210.8 firmware.

The Error (First One) - Every time I try to accept the Terms and Conditions I get and error

The error is - 2014506-1

Steps I have tried to fix this:
  • 1. First Firmware upgrade as it was first noticed in 1210.8 > Upgraded to 1230. > Same error.
    2. I then tried to reset the network and tried both Wired and Wireless interfaces with Static IP addresses and the DNS of my gateway and secondly the Google DNS settings as well as > Same error
    3. I tried to do the Setup again Settings > System > Start Setup - Same error cant access the T&C's and error 2014506-1
    4. I tried resetting the smart hub Settings > Support > Reset Smarthub - Resets > try above > Nothing
    5. I tried to use the service menu to change regions tried four different regions (including the one I am in right now) > Same error
    5.1 Factory reset each time I did a region change. > Same error
    6. I deleted my Samsung account and created a new one (with the region I am in), insured I was in the same region in the service menu. > Same error
    7. Tried to reset and register the TV on my account through SmartThings - it resets the account on the TV, it registers the TV on my new account, starts the process then hangs on 45% at T&C acceptance. The TV then pops up a message each time the mobile client canceled the process.
Error 2 - but related to the Error above - Run SmartHub Test
  • 1. All the tests 1-4 are positive, DNS check, ISP block test etc. When I get to Samsung App test I get an error 400001 Each and every time.
    2. Even after all the tests and things I tried above - Same error
In summary I get two errors after all the tests:
1. T&C Error - 2014506-1
2. Smart Hub Test Error at the Samsung Apps test - 400001

If I missed anything in my tests and possible solutions I would really appreciate the guidence, or if there is anyone that knows what these errors are that can point me in the right direction I would Really appreciate it

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Re: Smart Hub - Error

Post by zaxkss »

Hi MQ7Rocks,

I have run into the issue as described by you. Did you ever resolve it ?.

Kind Regards,

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Re: Smart Hub - Error

Post by samsungmu6300 »

Same here 2021 sqmsung unmu6300 term conditions errore network please call samsung , nothing helps. Reset from normal screen , reset from service menu , nothing.... I even brick the tv no what I see is black screen , and I believe I have to buy a new mainboard

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